Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Urbanism Founder, Duany, at Rollins College

My land use law student in the Rollins College Master of Planning in Civic Urbanism program, Linda Puritz, blogged a good compilation of quotes from Andres Duany, one of the Congress for the New Urbanism founders, during his recent lecture.  You can find them by clicking HERE

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wringing Savings for the Citizens

Orlando Sentinel reporter David Damron did an interesting write-up getting perspectives from former Commissioner Linda Stewart, Rollins College political science professor Richard Foglesong, Commissioner Fred Brummer, and myself, of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs' first 100 days in office.  I commented that, instead of criticizing the Performing Arts Center "just to score political points," she got the County involved in "wringing savings" from the project.  I said the citizens will ultimately benefit.  Professor Foglesong called it her "finest hour."

Although not included in the story, I told the reporter that Mayor Jacobs' most important task during her next 100 days is using her credibility as a budget hawk and transportation policy expert to try to persuade Governor Scott that it is economically irrational to kill SunRail and the billions in transit oriented development it will generate.  Two of our law firm's municipal clients on the planned SunRail line, Longwood and DeBary, passed transit oriented development ordinances.  Winter Park is also expecting economic benefits.  Here's a link to an article about the "health village" Florida Hospital plans to build if SunRail becomes reality.

Complete Streets--A Key to Economic Revitalization

Former FDOT engineer Dan Burden, one of the nation's leading voices for Complete Streets, safer for motorists and non-motorists alike, gave a stellar presentation to the Winter Park Health Foundation on Monday.  He presented example after example of thoroughfares he reconfigured for slower design speeds.  The result in each case: economic revitalization.  Here's a new video featuring Dan by Streetfilms showing some of the examples....