Monday, August 4, 2008

Huge Win for Geller in Hispanic Chamber Straw Poll

ORLANDO -- Attendees at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce HobNob gave District 1 County Commission candidate Rick Geller a straw poll win by a large margin. The results were as follows:
Rick Geller............93 votes (48%)
Shannon Gravitte....53 votes (27%)
Scott Boyd............48 votes (25%)

"Geller had a blow-out win," said Angel de la Portilla, a political consultant and analyst who attended the event. "Large segments of Hispanic voters live in the District. From what I hear in the community, and judging from the results tonight, those voters are looking favorably at Geller."

Geller's wife, pediatrician Gabriela Geller, a U.S. Citizen, grew up in Argentina. The Gellers' four children are bilingual.

"Muchas gracias a todos," Geller told the crowd.