Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Injustice and a Senseless Tragedy

Click HERE to read Eliza Harris's blog post (reprinted at on the conviction of the Mother whose young child was killed trying to walk from a bus stop to their apartment complex across an arterial thoroughfare.  The Governor of Georgia should pardon the grieving Mother and end this injustice.  Responsible officials should install a signalized crosswalk as a first step to prevent a repeat of this senseless tragedy. 

Here's NBC News video:

Transportation for America opined:

…This is a major issue in inner-ring suburbs across the country, places originally built as auto-only suburbia that now are home to many lower-income families who don’t have access to cars. Neither the public transportation system nor the highway designs work for those who live, work and walk in these areas. People are being punished and killed simply for being pedestrians. Our research shows that thousands of lives could be saved — and millions more lives improved — by retrofitting these dangerous roads, as many communities are trying to do.