Friday, August 9, 2013

The Future of Creative Village

     Some of Central Florida's best planning minds are thinking about how Orlando's Creative Village--the district west of I-4 where the old Arena stood--should develop.  The City's master developer, Craig Ustler, is looking at Portland's Pearl District for inspiration.  Two decades ago, the Pearl District was a run-down industrial zone.  Today, by integrating parks, rail transit, bike and pedestrian friendliness, and by maintaining its urban authenticity, the Pearl comprises some of the most desirable real estate in the United States.  The number of young people who are living in the Pearl District--including the two dozen Moms I observed running with their strollers for exercise--is striking.  During my recent visit, Craig gave Rollins Master of Planning students a phenomenal tour.  Here are a few photos, from which you can get a flavor of the Pearl, and perhaps glimpse the future of Orlando's Creative Village:

10th Avenue and Lovejoy Street, Pearl District

Jamisen Square, Pearl District, Portland, OR
Burnside Street, Portland, OR--edge of the Pearl District