Monday, October 7, 2013

Ignored Signs on Bike Trails

Cross-Seminole Trail -- Bicyclists neither stop, nor walk their bikes across this residential street with light motorist traffic.

After a year of riding the Cross-Seminole Trail, I have never seen any of dozens of bicyclists obey this stop sign at Shale Court, except for a handful of instances when a motorist stopped before turning onto S.R. 426.  Shale Court has light traffic and I have never seen anyone walk a bike across it.  The purpose of doing so, as the sign mandates, eludes me.  These signs are unnecessary and should be replaced by a simple yield sign, if anything.  

UPDATE 10/16/13 -MetroPlan Orlando has established a Trail Traffic Control Working Group to address the proliferation of stop signs on a Central Florida's trail network.  Outstanding effort by Keri Caffrey in bringing this issue to MetroPlan''s attention.  More information at Commute Orlando at this LINK