Thursday, January 22, 2009

Preserving Gotha's Tree Canopy

ORLANDO, Jan. 15--During his first meeting as District 1's Planning and Zoning Board Commissioner, Rick Geller moved to preserve the tree canopy over a five acre parcel in Gotha slated for upscale homes on acre lots. "The tree canopy is an important part of Gotha's character," said Geller. On Geller's motion, seconded by Commissioner Roberts, the Planning and Zoning Board unanimously directed the preservation of "specimen trees" in the north and east property setbacks, which face other residential property owners, while "[o]ther trees on the property shall be preserved to the extent possible to maintain the existing tree canopy."

Geller succeeded Paul Wean as District 1's Planning and Zoning Board Commissioner as an appointee of Orange County Commissioner Scott Boyd.

After the hearing, Geller said, "Commissioner Boyd and I never again want to see another Sienna Gardens in Gotha, where the developer destroys all the magnificent oak trees."