Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New JCC Opens in Dr. Phillips

Friends--The Jack and Lee Rosen Campus JCC had a "soft-opening" in early August. The architecture, designed by Helman Hurley's Mike Chatham, is iconic. At 34,000 square feet, it's larger than I ever advocated, and the inside is nicer than I ever imagined. Harris Rosen and his construction superintendent, Daniel Guttierez, made sure it got done right.

The gym floor "floats," cushioning shock on the knees. Above you'll find a photo of probably the first-ever documented basketball game at the new JCC, within hours of the doors opening. Having grown-up shooting baskets at the old JCC in Cincinnati, it was wonderful to see the kids running out there and grabbing basketballs.

The JCC's crown jewel--and the reason I became fundraising co-chair with Val Denner in 2003--is the award-winning preschool. No longer housed in trailers, our smallest children now have a school facility worthy of the community. Special thanks to the Dr. Phillips Foundation for the infant and toddler rooms.

The Darden Food Pantry will help families of all faiths who find themselves in short-term, urgent need, as a result of illness, divorce, job loss, or other unexpected event. Special thanks to Patty DeYoung and the board of directors of the Darden Foundation.

The JCC is open to the entire community.