Friday, September 16, 2011

FDOT Should Consider Pedestrian Refuge Islands

FDOT held a community meeting on September 14 to engage the public in its planned widening of Maitland Boulevard, between I-4 and Maitland Avenue, which gets congested during peak hours. 

The intersection of Maitland Boulevard and Maitland Avenue has a kid attraction--the JCC--and is near the future Maitland SunRail station.  In a conversation at the community meeting, a prestigious architect told a Maitland City Commissioner that pedestrians often cross the intersection. 

Jurgen Duncan, transportation planner with Canin Associates, proposed a conceptual modification, adding pedestrian refuge islands to shorten the crossing distance.  Jurgen's proposal would not reduce the intersection's vehicle capacity. 

FDOT should also consider pedestrian refuges at the medians.  Countdown clocks would reduce the number of pedestrians getting stranded in the middle of the thoroughfare.