Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thom Rumberger, 1933-2011

"Some would say that the reaon I have gotten so involved with these public now that I'm getting older, I'm looking for a straight shot into heaven...well, okay, as long as the Everglades are protected first."

Thom Rumberger, co-founder of the Rumberger Kirk & Caldwell law firm, where I worked for a dozen years, passed away last night. 
Thom relished his stature as a green Republican in the great tradition of Teddy Roosevelt.  The Everglades are cleaner and Florida has more manatees thanks to him.  He made having an environmental conscience a requirement for elected officials of both parties. Thom's influence in Florida's environmental policies is immeasurable. 

Admiration for Thom transcended political party lines:

United States Senate Resolution honoring Thom Rumberger, co-sponsored by Senator Nelson and Senator Rubio.