Friday, September 20, 2013

Visible Mile Markers Needed on Cady Way Trail

Cady Way Trail - Embedded location markers are virtually invisible from a distance, difficult to read upside down, and difficult to understand. 
Orange County removed the old mile markers on the side of Cady Way Trail and replaced them with small location markers imbedded in the asphalt.  The new markers are difficult to see and impossible to read upside-down (if bicycling in the opposite direction).  If you can glimpse one, while bicycling at 12 miles per hour or more, you'll find them difficult to comprehend.  This morning, I caught a split-second of marker CWT-30.  As far as location goes, what does that mean?  The trail isn't anywhere near 30 miles long. 

If I ever come across someone experiencing a medical emergency on the trail, I'll rely on the GPS in my cell phone to inform the dispatcher of my location.  I can't see myself running off to find the nearest embedded marker.  Where is it?  Am I running away from the closer one? 

Seriously, Orange County, bring back visible mile markers on both sides of the trail, place them every quarter mile, and coordinate with the City of Orlando for consistent signage between Aloma and Lake Druid Park.