Thursday, July 3, 2008

Community Backs Geller with More Than $100,000 in Contributions

Tuesday, April 9, 2008

WINDERMERE, FL - First time candidate and West Orange County resident Rick Geller will report raising $105,007 in contributions in his campaign to succeed the term-limited Teresa Jacobs as District 1 Orange County Commissioner. The contributions include $100,036 in cash and $4,971 in-kind. For the quarter, Geller raised $37,751. The report is due to the Orange County Supervisor of Elections tomorrow, April 10.

None of these amounts are loans, which campaigns often do not spend but use to artificially raise their numbers.

Geller has received contributions from over 350 contributors.

Kurt Ardaman, Geller's finance committee co-chair and a veteran volunteer of dozens of races, including those of his wife, Orange County School Board chair Karen Ardaman, said, "We are fortunate to have a candidate of Rick's experience, education and community commitment, willing to serve. Community support for Rick was strong and now growing exponentially--and contributions have taken off."

A source from a local trade association told the Geller campaign that their private polling shows Geller with a "very strong" lead. Although the association does not release its figures, a second source familiar with the poll confirmed its results.

"That's not surprising," said Ardaman. "Rick had sixty-seven volunteers blanket the District 1 polling places during the presidential primary in January. We obtained enough signed petitions in one day to put Rick on the ballot. The campaign distributed more than 3,000 letters signed by residents living throughout the District, endorsing Rick in the strongest terms and educating voters about his achievements for the community."

"For almost a decade, Rick's work at the grass roots level fighting for more deputies in our neighborhoods, protecting an elementary school from more overcrowding, persuading the County to buy land for a park, and promoting and achieving only responsible and high quality growth, are a few reasons why our District needs Rick."

"I'm grateful for the continuing outpouring of support for my candidacy," said Geller, "especially from the numerous individuals and businesses in my District."

Geller added, "Contributions can help ensure voters are well informed and can choose wisely. At the local level, voters want substance and depth of experience on the issues that impact their families and their daily lives."

Geller and his wife, pediatrician Gabriela Geller, M.D., have four children, two of whom attend Windermere Elementary School.