Sunday, July 6, 2008

Geller: Fix The Sand Lake/Turkey Lake Intersection

DR. PHILLIPS - Orange County District 1 Commission candidate Rick Geller is renewing calls he made several years ago to fix the broken intersection at Sand Lake and Turkey Lake Roads by completing a nearby half-built interchange.

Geller noted that, because traffic generated by new development will absorb new lanes a private group of land owners are funding to improve the intersection, further action is needed.

"We need to give the hundreds of vehicles heading from I-4 to the Turkey Lake Road Wal-Mart another way of getting there without jamming Sand Lake Road. We need to complete the half-built Central Florida Parkway interchange," Geller said. "I've been urging that for years."

Congressman Ric Keller, whose District includes the intersection, informed Geller that he makes requests for limited federal transportation earmarks according to the transportation priorities set by Orange County.

"It's time for Orange County to move this intersection to the top of the priority list for federal funding," said Geller. "There's perhaps no more broken and congested intersection in the County."